A Creative Haven July 31, 2015 17:44

Do you know that feeling you get when you find your people? You know, your people. The ones who totally get you, who do what do you do, who want what you want, who like drinking coffee at all hours of the day and don't pass judgment, who enjoy bringing Emojis to life, who think that waking up for another day and having the opportunity to create is reason for a celebratory mimosa, etc. I recently met some of those people - some of my kind of people - at a wonderful weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. I attended the Gather workshop a couple weeks ago, and it was hands down the highlight of my summer. I met many incredible women who were full of originality, vivacity, ideas, support, and life-giving encouragement. If you are creative and have business on the brain - whether you're in the fledgling stage or experiencing full-blown success - you gotta go

Below are some pictures and musings about this weekend that changed me and my creative intentions.

Need inspiration or like pretty things and awesome people? Read on!

1. The 2 wonderful ladies behind the Gather workshop are Mattie Tiegreen of Green Tie Studio and photographer Kaitie Bryant. Both are fabulous Renaissance women who have built amazing and successful businesses. These incredible ladies brought in some other fabulous creatives who shared their stories and talents and wisdom with us, and it was the greatest thing!

2. Gather was hosted by the super hip and totally cool Foster in Atlanta, Georgia. We were fortunate to use the space as our creative cocoon for 2 days, and I can't think of a better place to have spent that time! 

3. As part of our experience, the Gather ladies spoiled us with an amazing swag bag full of goodies from so many fabulous creatives! Find the full list of incredibly talented sponsors here! In the picture below are the 2 items I've used the most. Each of us received a custom Gather workshop Maybook from the always fun and beautiful May Designs, as well as a copy of The Cultivated Heart from The Creative Porcupine. As a lover of words and written expression, these have been 2 of my most treasured tangibles from the weekend. 

4. One of the coolest parts of the weekend was ending things with a bang by playing around with paints and brushes and blank canvases in a studio session led by Britt Bass! We got to chat with each other and admire each other's beautiful works using gouache, acrylics, and watercolors. 

5. Finally, some of the most beneficial things I took away from the weekend were, in fact, words. These incredible shared some real nuggets of wisdom and truth that a) I either knew but had ignored or buried deep inside because they're hard to embrace or b) I had never really considered, and they unraveled all of my layers down to my creative core and set me free!

Here are some of the best verbal investments I took away from this weekend. Hopefully you find some of them as freeing and encouraging as I do!

"Richness of life is found in experiences, not things. Be rich now!"

"The end goal of your business is not popularity; it is profit."

"Don't ask me what the world needs, find what makes you come alive! The world needs people who have come alive."

"Fear is not a real thing. It has no form. It is only what you give it the power to be."

So many shout outs to Haley Sheffield and Shanna Skidmore, in addition to our incredible Gather hostesses with the mostest-es. I am overflowing with joy and warmth and creative love and fuzzy feelings. If you're considering this even in the slightest, do yourself a favor and go for it!



Don't be afraid to step out there. If you wait for it to be perfect, you'll never do it. Start with good and work up to great. You can do it! There is no better day to start than now. 

- andrea

What's in a Name? July 19, 2015 16:37

Any time you get something new, you name it, right? A pet, a car, a boat...a business! So when striking out on this new adventure of a creative business, one of the first big obstacles I encountered was naming it. What a huge thing...I can name it anything that I want! If I give it my name, then eventually my name will get weird to me or well-known to others, both crazy thoughts. If I give it another name, it will have to be super creative and cool and nice sounding and indicative of the type of business it is....talk about pressure. But then one day, Watershed dropped into my brain. Literally. It came from nowhere. It felt right, but as a lover and perpetual learner of language, I had to be sure that it was the perfect fit. So I consulted the dictionary. 

watershed: (noun) a time when an important change happens; a turning point.

Yes. It feels so good. It fits. And it is for these moments that I create things: for weddings, showers, congratulations and celebrations, birthdays, decorating a new home, gifts for all sorts of occasions. I desire to create something special, unique, and handmade for those important moments in others' lives. Have you ever received something rare, something sort of secret that you couldn't purchase at a big chain store, something you find on vacation or on accident? Those are the best kinds of tangible gifts. And what an honor and privilege to share love with people in a tangible way via these little creative lovelies that I savor making and producing. 

The name of the business means a little more to me still because not only do I get to celebrate those watersheds in the lives of others, but this is a HUGE move for me personally. I am a teacher by trade, though also by divine intervention, and to pursue something aside from that and seek to sustain it full-time someday is a big leap of faith and trust. Scary. So scary. But so good. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: 

"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?" 

This is a quote by a young writer named Erin Hanson. Find out more about her and her rad talents here! So breaking new ground, striking out on your own, forging your own path is super scary but can be super rewarding, and I find that fulfillment in those quiet moments when I am bent over my desk, painstakingly making small strokes with a paintbrush, or watching someone open a handmade gift. So I remind myself that the risk is well worth the reward, even just to bring happiness to one person through this gift. 

So now you know a little more about why I named my business what I did. And now you also know what a watershed is, if you didn't already. And you know of a cool young Australian writer you should check out. 

I'll finish this post out with the biggest watershed of my life thus far. The defining turning point for me. My wedding day. Snapped by the incomparable Josh McCullock, here are some shots of the greatest day of my life. 



Until next time!
 - andrea 

First One! June 29, 2015 18:19

Hello friends! I am so thrilled that you have dropped by Watershed, and I am even more thrilled that you decided to read some words from a stranger about it. 

Seeing as this is the first post on the blog, I think it fitting to introduce you to myself. My name is Andrea and I have been born and raised in Oklahoma. Contrary to popular belief, there is more in Oklahoma than bales of hay and waving wheat, and I thoroughly enjoy living here. I have been a lifetime lover of language and beauty and creativity and studied both English and Spanish in college. My infatuation with language and communication deepened during my study, and I am so fortunate that I get to share my love of literature through my day job and also this exciting little business (a.k.a. my dream job *swoon*)!

So you feel you know me a little better, and perhaps a bit more about what makes me tick and why certain products show up here, here are some things that I adore:

  • My husband! 
  • My German shepherd, Fitzgerald
  • My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
  • The 90s 
  • Dreamy color palettes
  • Literature and poetry
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream 
  • Eating and shopping local (shoutout to Tulsa, Oklahoma!)
  • Yoga
  • Crossword puzzles

So there you have it. That's mostly me in a nutshell, and I can't wait to share more with you as time goes on. Thanks again for paying us a visit here at Watershed Lettering. We hope to see more of you :)

- andrea


P.S. Here is my cutie pie of a dog. Named in honor of both F. Scott Fitzgerald and John F. Kennedy.