Hello! Thanks for visiting. So glad you're here! Here's a little about Watershed Lettering.

I’ve always been a lover of language, words, and beautiful writing. It’s so fulfilling to bring creativity to paper and make something special and unique, while also weaving some dazzling words together at the same time. 

I am based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Watershed Lettering and I are brand spanking new to the business world and are ready to stay for a while. I make all sorts of handmade paper goods and provide a variety of handlettering services including cards, canvases, prints, and envelope lettering for all occasions. 

It's a privilege to do what I do, and I hope I can bring you some joy in the process. 

For questions or contact information, please visit the Contact page, and in the meantime, follow me on Instagram @andreaavey, and check us out on Facebook and Pinterest

- andrea


Here's a peek of my desk in my home studio. Mostly it's a mess, but I like it, because what's more fun than a mess of creativity, color, and beauty? Plus, there's an unfinished crossword puzzle from a local Tulsa publication being used as a paint swatch. That's good stuff.