Wedding Services

We love weddings at Watershed Lettering! I've got some samples of envelope styles and will continue adding more styles over time and mixing it up.  Here's my favorite sample so far. The name of the style is Abigail. This is a classic calligraphy style for the bride who desires a timeless and simple look of sophistication and beauty. These envelopes are done with a calligraphy pen, nib, and ink. 


Another style we're offering is for the bride looking for a lettering style that exudes a more playful and unconventional look. It plays with sizing and is sure to be eye-catching. We can mix printed lettering with calligraphy for a fun style sure to stand out and catch your guests' eyes, or we can maintain an all-calligraphy format to stay consistent while still standing out. This style is called Vintner and is completed with one of our very favorite Tombow art pens



I also offer wedding signage in the way of table centerpieces, decorations, guestbook lettering, seating charts, wedding party signs, and more! Here's a throwback sample from the very first wedding I ever did signage for: my own! Photo by the talented Josh McCullock

More images, samples, and styles to come! Please shoot me an email at for inquiries and custom requests. We love to serve brides and families in this incredibly special season in life - the greatest watershed there is :)